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Dressing Your Little Princess for Special Occasions

How to dress your child for picture day

We all love to feel special from time to time, but nobody in the world enjoys as much as our little girls do. They also appreciate the effort we put into putting together their outfit for every occasion. Besides, the little ones know how to show they’re happy, and unique girls clothing is guaranteed to make them smile! All it takes is for you to put some time into finding a place that sells celebrity-favorite clothes for girls. Your aspiring diva will look adorable and you win the mom-of-the-year award.

If getting kids to dress themselves backfired horribly, you have no choice but to continue doing it for them until they are old enough. Old enough to develop some fashion sense, that is, and not make you look like a bad parent. On the other hand, all kidding aside, enjoy it while it lasts. Before you know it, they’ll be completely independent so use your baby girl fashion guru time wisely!

Learning how to make your little princess feel like a princess

We’re all glad times and fashion have changed dramatically. In the past, moms were more on the conventional side and used to be less understanding of their daughters’ need to keep up with fashion trends. Lucky for your little one, you are a modern mom who understands your little fashionista wants to be in vogue.

Besides, most of us have those embarrassing last-minute-outfit-mom-put-together childhood photos. If your baby girl is going to blame you for anything when she’s all grown-up, it better not be for having poor taste in fashion. Most importantly, hear your little one out. You don’t want her to have to blend in or stand out if it goes against her wishes.

If she’s going to a friend’s birthday party or having a playdate, the outfit has to be age-appropriate. If your cutie wants to dress more like you, you should feel proud, so do your best to put together an outfit that is reasonably similar to your own. Your top priority should be to teach her how to build her self-esteem, be confident and feel good about herself. Still, a great fashion sense matters, too!

How to dress a child in the winter?

How to prepare child for fancy dress competition

We all want our little ones to be comfortable and look stylish wherever they go, and winter is no exception. Plus, when you see all the adorable little coats, you’ll hardly be able to restrain yourself!

What’s so awesome about shopping for winter is that you hardly have to worry about size. In fact, winter is your best bet if you worry whether you’ll choose the right size when shopping for kids. If you bought an oversized item, your cutie can wear it when she gets bigger. If you bought an undersized one, you can always give it to a friend with a younger baby girl.

The worst thing about dressing your little darling in the winter is that it’s more about practicality and less about fashion. She may not be able to wear skirts and dresses as often because keeping her warm is the top priority. Luckily, there’s a smart way to compensate for that – through clever accessorizing all girls love!

How to prepare child for fancy dress competition?

Fancy dress competitions are the best, no matter how old you are. If your mini-me is going to one, feel free to let your imagination run wild – within reason. Better yet, make her own fantasy come true (even if she wants to be Elsa, again) or give her ideas that will make her stand out.

Your little princess probably loves looking graceful and lady-like. Make her feel like an actual princess by putting together a creative yet elegant outfit for her to wear to the next fancy dress competition. Besides, when in doubt, remember that the Internet is your friend. Feel free to take a sneak peek into the world of high fashion to find ideas.

For instance, you can always seek guidance and inspiration by checking out decade-specific editorials of such non-profit organizations as Fashion Group International, Inc. All you have to do is try to emulate what you see and your little baby girl is a shoo-in to win the competition! Do you prefer Twiggy, Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn? Either way, those iconic looks never go out of style.

How to dress your child like a rockstar?

How to dress your child like a rockstar

We all love rock chic, and there is nothing more adorable than a kid donning a leather jacket and a pair of jeans, in combination with some accessories as the final touch. Whether as Janis Joplin, Tina Turner or a generic fashion model gone star-of-rock-music-video, your little one is going to sweep everyone off their feet.

That’s not to say you should go for overly extravagant outfits either (so that’s a no to Lady Gaga or David Bowie-inspired looks). You just want her to wear the clothes she enjoys wearing and feels comfortable in. What good is a stunning outfit if it’s too tight? As long as you make bold but reasonable choices, your little rock diva won’t only look like a rockstar – she’ll feel like one, too.

How to dress your child for picture day?

As we know all too well, kids tend to be picky. This is why most moms refuse to take any chances. After tracking down the mini fashionista’s favorite clothing store, they decide to stick to it, and that’s half the battle. This is especially important for special occasions, the time to go all out.

Picture day is one such special day, especially if you’re a little girl. Besides, you know that all the other little girls and their moms are going to go out of their way for picture day. Obviously, your mini-me wants to outshine everyone and it is your job to make it happen.

It is up to you and her to join forces and come up with a special outfit for a special day. You want her to cherish the memories of that day and fondly look at those pictures some day. That way, she’ll always remember how much her mommy cared for her and went out of her way to make her look absolutely adorable!

Unique girl clothing stores help modern little girls run the world!

Every little girl looks up to and wants to be just like mommy. Now you can let your little princess learn a trick or two on her alone. She’ll probably sneak into your walk-in closet and play dress-ups that you’ll pretend not to know anything about.

But, you can also take an active role in developing your munchkin’s fashion sense and helping her build her personal style. All you need is Modernechild! You and your mini-me will enjoy the fun and creative process of picking out unique clothes together. It just doesn’t get better than that!