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How Do I Get My Baby Girl to Dress by Herself?

How Do I Get My Baby Girl to Dress by Herself?

Making little girls fall in love with fashion usually starts early on, and you don’t really have to do much, it just happens! Our little fashionistas are just like us: all they want is to get to wear clothes that could make them stand out! Some girls become independent when it comes to dressing themselves at a young age. And then there are girls to whom it simply doesn’t come naturally. So how do you encourage your little one to take an interest in fashion and learn to dress herself?

Should I worry if my 5 year old child doesn't know how to dress herself?

As a fashion-conscious mom, you might feel as though the fact that your baby girl is still not independent enough to dress herself at the age of five is something to worry about. Of course, you love dressing your little one for a special occasion and shopping for unique clothing for little girls, but on day-to-day basis, you’d like her to be independent. However, at the age of 5, you can only expect your little one to undress on her own, without reminders. It is not until the age of 5 and a half that a child is normally expected to dress independently.

When can a child dress themselves?

This is something that depends on the child’s personality as well as natural development. If she’s more interested in playing with dolls, let her, if she’s into books, you should feel proud! Still, roughly speaking, there is a timetable.

Kids up to the age of 3 require plenty of assistance and supervision. They become relatively independent at the age of 3 and a half. Their abilities continue to develop more and more by the age of 5. Still, 5-year-olds can only undress themselves completely independently, without being reminded to do so. When it comes to getting dressed, they don’t become fully independent until the age of 6 and a half.

How to teach a child to dress themselves?

Sometimes, this is easier said than done. Perhaps the child is deliberately refusing to dress themselves because she’s clever enough to know that you’ll do it for her. The easiest way to teach her to dress herself is to be patient and pretend that you’re not paying attention. Through play, she’s bound to discover the joys of fashion.

Your mini-me will likely take after you and follow in your footsteps, probably sneaking into your closet from time to time. Your aspiring little fashionista is sure to learn a trick or two just by watching you pick an outfit for brunch or putting on makeup before heading to a restaurant.

What to tell your child: how to dress nice?

You probably realize that there’s no amount of talking in the world that will get your kid to listen is she’s just not interested in the topic of conversation. Setting an example, on the other hand, is a whole different story!

In addition to picking your own outfits carefully as often as possible, consider other activities that could teach her a thing or two about fashion. For instance, you could spend some quality time looking at amazing fashion editorials together. You could even incorporate learning about fashion into chores. While you and your aspiring fashionista start to purge your own and the kid’s closet, make sure to set aside all those items that you no longer plan on using.

The clothes could go towards a good cause, and that is an example you want to set for your child. Besides, you don’t want her to grow up to be hoarder, just the opposite! You want her to develop a good taste in fashion without becoming a compulsive buyer.

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