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Adorable mommie and me outfits for the most iconic duo!

Cuteness overload is an expression invented to describe your little princess and you in Instagram-worthy matching outfits! No more wondering where to buy mommy and me outfits – Modernechild offers hand-picked products perfect for showing mother-daughter love to the world. The strongest bond in the world deserves to be celebrated in style!

Goldie Dress

Eve Gatsby Dress

Allison ~ Juliet Dress

Talia ~ PJ Set (grey)

Julie Criss Cross Leggings

June Jogger Set

Taylor ~ Edgy Sweater

Dalia ~ Pink Bathing Suits

Dalia ~ Black Bathing Suits

Dalia ~ Heart Bathing Suit

Dalia ~ Burgundy Bathing Suit

Liza Bathing Suits

Brandi ~ Bathing Suits

Nadia ~ Pink Lace Dress

Nadia - White Lace Dress

Nadia ~ Black Lace Dress

Nadia - Red Lace Dress


Paulina - pink long tutu skirt

Not your average tutu skirt for sure! 

"Oh so Fab" Sunnies

Pom Pom Beanie

Knot Headband

Wool Wide Brim Hats

"Out of Office/Class" Straw Hats

Bear Trucker Hats

"Love You" Straw Hats

Love you trucker hats

Pineapple Trucker Hats

#Dollylife trucker hat

Pineapple Black Trucker Hats

Our mommy and me toddler outfits always steal the spotlight!

There is something wonderful about sharing your little fashion tips and tricks with the most beautiful girl in the world. Whether you are looking for stunning mommy and me lace dresses for a special occasion or browsing through casual but classy everyday mommy and me outfits, with Modernechild you are always the talk of the town!

A whole new beach experience with matching mommy and me swimwear

Your mini-me loves beaches and swimming pools as much as you do, which is why we offer a super trendy collection of bathing suits. You two will draw attention in mommy and baby matching bikinis, whether you choose to accessorize the beach look with some chic sunglasses, or believe in “less is more” philosophy when it comes to mommy and me sundresses. Providing your little darling with an infinite amount of love will boost her confidence and help her develop a rocking fashion personality! If you show your little doll that fashion is fun, colorful and playful, she won’t hesitate to express her creativity and bubbly persona at any age.

Matching mommy and me dresses for a powerful fashion statement

Beautiful fairy-tale items for romantic souls, or cutting-edge trendy pieces for a girl not being afraid to show her uniqueness – one way or another, dresses are the ultimate fashion statements! Always among the wardrobe essentials of a true fashionista, your collection of dresses is a legacy for your little diva, and a place she will always turn to in need of inspiration. Class, style, and love you have for your daughter can all be described using one word – timeless. Trends may change, seasons may pass, but family love only grows with time, and proudly expressing it never goes out of style!

Celebrity-favorite mommy and me hats for a touch of true glamour

It is not only about sun or protection against cold weather! A superb Modernechild choice of hats promises to add the wow factor to each and every outfit, regardless of the season. Bring back the classic look of old Hollywood! Just imagine how irresistible your munchkin will look wearing a cute little hat matching yours. Can someone call a photographer, we have a superstar here! Mommy and me toddler outfits have seriously never been more fun. There is something precious in the process of creating beautiful outfits with your little one, as well as embracing your inner child. This little princess your universe is now revolving around brings joy to everyday life and activities, and it is time for the whole world to see how you feel!

Choose a mommy and me set that sets you apart!

It is time to seriously step up your fashion game, because you finally have a perfect partner in crime! Your mini-me will be able to take on the world with the help of Modernechild matching sets for every occasion. A true fashionista looks amazing even around the house, which is why we hand-pick the coziest and fluffiest pajamas for baby girls! Once she crawls into your bed for a bedtime story, you two will be a picture-perfect scene in matching pajamas, or mommy and me sweaters in colder days. You both deserve to look amazing without sacrificing comfort and quality.

In the colder days, your mommy and me outfits will melt hearts

It is cuddle time! Get ready to warm up with lots of love wrapped in the best quality fabric used to make mommy and me matching sweaters. We’re talking softness, warmth and elegance with a hint of edge, just enough for the little sunshine to chase away the clouds and the rain. The best news is that you can have one too! Perfect for school or a casual day at work, these trendy sweaters can be combined with a pair of jeans to get that effortless look, or be worn with a skirt to achieve a carefree girly yet mod appearance. The choice is up to you and the little one!

Modernechild mommy and me clothing boutique with only hand-picked fashion-forward items

We believe every child has the right to impeccable style, which is why we hand-pick sophisticated kids’ couture items made for your little star to shine bright! Mommie and me outfits are a perfect creative outlet for you both, opening a dazzling world of colors, designs and materials for the loveliest childhood memories. Mix and match, share jiggles and laughs, experiment by adding a hint of avant-garde to key fashion pieces! This way, you will demonstrate your sunshine how fashion is an outer reflection of our inner creativity and playfulness, much more than following some pre-created rules. The most powerful lesson is to never lose the artistic spark!

Pass on your inspiring ideas and leading-edge style to the new generation

In the end, it is all about family. Your little munchkin and you share love that goes beyond any imaginable limits, and this unbreakable bond sometimes makes you want to shout it out to the universe! We know precisely how it feels, and we say – why not? Instead of writing it on the skyline, we say “I love you” with adorable mommy and me collections, irresistible for any “it girl”. Modernechild believes that we can be fabulous, strong and loving at any age, and this is precisely the statement our clothes send. Check out our outfits yourself - browse through our many collections today!

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