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The Poses to Strike to Show Off Your Style in Family Beach Photos

You’ve got your Instaperfect set of mommy and daughter bathing suits that match. This summer you’re going to celebrate your family life with some hard-to-forget family beach photos. Whether you’re a pro at doing photo sessions or you’re a newbie, here are some poses that will bring out the magic of mother and daughter love. 

You’re my rock

The mommy kneels down and sits on her heels. The daughter leans against mommy while sitting in her lap or on the sand. It’s cute if the daughter spreads her legs into a capital A. They both face the camera.

You’re my only sunshine

Just hold your girl up so that your faces are next to each other, cheek to cheek. Smile wide and beam that love while facing the camera. Try focusing only on the faces and crop everything below shoulders. This photo looks heart-melting regardless of how old your daughter is – whether she’s a toddler or a first-grader, just as long as you can comfortably hold her.

This is our secret

Hold your daughter on your hip, so that her legs are around you. Stand in wet sand, so that waves can reach your feet. Your backs are turned to the camera. You can play around with this pose – your daughter can rest her head on your shoulder and you can gently lean your head against hers, just looking into the sea. Or you can kiss each other or just talk, looking into each other’s eyes. Try this setting with both of you sitting down on the sand, with arms behind your back.

This photo can be fantastic taken full size, or you can experiment with the focus.


Hold hands with your daughter, and then twirl her around. Smile wide and laugh loud! This is an excellent pose to show off your matching bathing suits.

You’re my superstar

Another fabulous pose to flaunt matching bathing suits. Set a scene where your daughter looks like your best friend. She should carry herself like a grown-up, maybe lying down on a beach bed or sitting across from you like you’re discussing something. You could also have some smoothies or non-alcoholic cocktails. Chin-chin!

Fly me to the moon

Take your daughter and hold her up high above your head. This is easiest when you have a baby. She’s sure to enjoy it and it makes for a gorgeous photo, especially if you have matching bathing suits. She’s your pride and joy and you want everyone to see it. Plus, this scene slightly reminds us of Lion King – adorable, isn’t it?

A cheeky look

This is a variation of the classic pose where you just walk across wet sand while holding your daughter’s hand. Take this photo from the back, so that you’re walking away from the camera, but your daughter can turn her head and give the camera a cheeky smile.

This is us

Lie down on the sand, so that your heads are next to each other, ear to ear. Look straight into the camera above you, and make a serious or a funny face, or both, and just show how much you enjoy being a mom and daughter duo.

Give it some flair

Accessorize matching bathing suits with floral headbands, hairpieces, matching sunglasses or matching hats. Try the poses we have previously described with these details and we’re confident the images will be unforgettable.

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