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Mommy and Me Fashion: How to Wear Matching Hats

Matching hats are a statement accessory that will make you and your baby style icons rocking your favorite fashion trends. Find out how easy it is to add hats to your everyday mommie and me outfits that will make every toddler so adorable that you would want to buy at least one more of these fashion staples. Here’s how to take your mommy and me look to a whole new level!

Choose the right hats for you and your baby girl’s face shape

A great hat can upgrade your entire look. The trick is to find the most flattering one to complement the proportions of both your and your little ballerina’s face. Keep in mind that too big a hat can overpower your darling’s petite features. A beret, for example, won’t overwhelm the smaller features of her face. If you, on the other hand, have a larger face, you should wear an equally sizable hat that will create balance.

When it comes to the perfect hat for your face shape, you would want to wear one that will either minimize or highlight certain natural features you have. For instance, overly rounded hats can emphasize the volume of a rounded face, while floppy hats, uplifted brimmed hats or anything slouchy can soften the strong angular lines of a square face. Medium brims and angled styling are great for narrowing the forehead in a heart-shaped face. If your mini has a universally flattering oval face shape, you can spice up her outfit with a trendy newsboy cap.

You and your baby girl can top off your outfits with matching fedora hats that offer versatility and exude a feminine vibe. They look pretty in any style! Also, you can never go wrong with a beanie. It complements all face shapes and makes mommy and me styling easy, convenient and fun!

Matching hats as fashion statement for every occasion

While you should feel free to play with shapes and styles, be sure not to fight the fashion statement your mommy and me set of hats is making. Don’t add too many patterns or colors. Sometimes, simplicity is key so you and your sunshine can nail the mommy and me look with a pair of stylish mommy and me T-shirts, matching baseball hats and leggings or casual jeans.

Matching floppy hats are the perfect summer accessory that will add stylish and romantic flair to your matching floral dresses. You two can pair a chic floppy hat with a sundress and go to a picnic or hit the beach in style! All eyes will be on you and your baby girl!

Show how special the relationship with your little doll is with matching floppy hats that will make your munchkin just as fashionable as you are. With mommy and me bowler hats, you two will look classy, iconic and très chic! What’s more, a perfect little bowler hat will put your baby in a dress-up mode and jump-start her imagination.

For colder days, you can never go wrong with a beany. Comfort along with style is always a win-win combination. Matching beanies will add that relaxed boho flair to your mommy and me outfits that will make you and your little munchy super cute. With your packed schedule, you often have to head out to run a last-minute errand and if you are having a bad hair day, just wear your beanie with hair tucked in and you will look carefree and steezy!

Accessorize your matching hats

With the help of accessories, your mommy and me outfits can look even more adorable and chic. Decorate your hats with a floral scarf or a pair of matching sunglasses, put on some jewelry and you are set to go!

Get creative with your outerwear, pick up your favorite accessories and create a sunning, unique look. Just be careful not to pile on all the accessories at once. Keep in mind that your hat should be the statement maker. By accessorizing it you should end up transforming it and not overshadowing it.

Don’t stop at hat sets for the perfect mommy and me look

There’s more to mommy and me look than choosing a hat to coordinate with your cutie! Step up your game and let your baby feel like mommy with fashionable matching outfits, dresses, sets and accessories. Shop for gorgeous and stylish mommy and me clothes at Modernechild Shoppe, which has already won the hearts of many celebrity moms and their daughters. We can help you celebrate the unique bond you share with your darling girl!