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Best Clothes To Wear For Beach Family Photos

Most beautiful family photos don’t just show people – they show love and unity. How do you achieve such an effect? Despite what you might think, family beach photos don’t have to be done professionally to look honestly stunning. You can find an abundance of tips online on how to frame, time and focus your photos. We can give you a few pieces of advice on how to strike the best matching poses for a mommy and daughter and how to choose the clothes for yourself and other family members.

Simply swimwear

You want to make photos on the beach, why not do it in swimwear? It’s only natural. Small tip: Even if you are not planning on doing shots in swimwear, you will want to bring it with you. Where there’s water and kids, someone is bound to get wet and they’ll need to change. Best be ready.

When it comes to swimwear and cover-ups, you can do the same color coordination like we explain in the next section. But, there’s also something uber-lovely you can do – show off in matching swimwear for you and your baby. Matching swimwear for mom and daughter can be identical models in different sizes or models that share same colors and motifs. Either way, fun is guaranteed.

Freedom of choice with coordinated colors

There are certain colors and palettes that work exceptionally well with the ocean in the background. These are aqua, turquoise, navy, seaweed green, sea glass – basically colors of the ocean. Blue is also one of those colors that looks great when different shades of it are mixed and combined.

You can also focus the color palette on the sand. Think of beautiful pastels that play with the colors of the sand and the sky – explore the soft shades of pink, yellow, peach, blue and purple. The girl or girls can wear gentle shades of pink, with a matching mommy peach outfit. The boys and dad can have combinations of blue and green.

The thing with pulling off matching colors is you want to avoid a matchy-matchy look. There should be an element that will create interest and pop. That can be a color – drops of white or black will stand out. Or you can go for colors that complement the water, such as coral. Gold-colored details for mom and baby would also make the picture more dynamic.

If you coordinate the colors in this way, everyone will have the freedom to wear what they like, and still the overall effect will be balance and interplay.

Soft fabrics

If you choose to go the outfit way and not swimsuits, it would be best to do the clothes that are made from cotton or linen. Anything that is soft and drapes and flows will look beautiful. Imagine that you will walk ankle-deep in the water. What would your outfit look like if you did? Bear that in mind as you choose the length of dresses, skirts and pants.

Finally, think about the message

Imagine yourself looking at your photos. What would you like the viewer to think? What kind of personality would you like your family photo to exude? Use that as your pointer and it will lead you to the result you want to achieve.

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