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Mom and Baby Bathing Suits: How to Pick the Right Swimsuit for Your Baby

As you are preparing your little angel for her first encounter with the sea, one thing is absolutely vital – choosing the right swimsuit. There are plenty of things to consider: matching mommy baby bathing suits, one-piece or bikinis… But first things first – let’s take a look at some practical tips for picking out the right swimsuits for little ones.


One thing is certain when it comes to baby swimwear design styles – there are so many adorable ones that you wouldn’t be able to choose just one so easily. First of all, you should decide between a one-piece or two-piece style. After that (but most often simultaneously), you will have to choose among a variety of cute frills, colorful prints, lively polka dots, and smart stripes. And let’s not forget how lovely tankini bathing suits are.

What’s more, you may also think about matching your bathing suit with your little one. There are trendy matching swimsuit sets for moms and babies that you simply won’t be able to resist.

So, in the sea of fashionable choices, what’s the rule of thumb for choosing the best baby swimwear? Go with the style that doesn’t expose more baby skin than necessary. After all, your baby’s skin is much more sensitive than yours. Most moms opt for one-piece bathing suits for their babies, and then choose a matching mommy swimsuit for trendiness and cuteness overload!

The right fit

The most important thing to consider is how tightly the swimsuit fits your baby. If it’s too tight, your little one will feel uncomfortable. If the elastic sits tightly on their skin, the baby may even get a rash. On the other hand, if the swimsuit is too loose, it will sag at the bottom, so your baby will move awkwardly.

To be on the safe side, some moms prefer regular straps over halter-style or tie-up straps for their baby girls. Nevertheless, different designs may fit your baby differently, but whatever you do – make sure the straps don’t dig into your baby’s skin, or fall off the shoulders. When trying the swimsuit, make sure your baby girl can lift her hands over her head with ease.

When you finally choose the best fit for your baby and then pair it up with a matching mommy bathing suit and accessories, you will be thrilled that you took the time to find the perfect baby swimsuit. Your baby will feel comfortable and will smile for the camera in her adorable Instagram-worthy bathing suit!

The right material

No matter the design style you prefer, one thing is certain – you should always go for high-quality materials. Never EVER skimp on quality material. Make sure the material is soft and skin-friendly. Also, spandex and lycra are great options if your baby enjoys water-filled activities since they dry fast.


If your little one is still wearing diapers, you may have to rule out one-piece bathing suits. Instead, go for lovely two-piece baby swimwear like tankinis. They provide enough coverage for your baby’s skin and allow you to change your baby’s diaper quickly and easily whenever you have to.

In addition to a diaper-friendly swimsuit, consider special swim diapers for maximum convenience. These diapers have stronger elastic, which is how they prevent leakages.

Matching swimwear for mommies and babies

Modernechild Shoppe is where you will find plenty of design baby swimwear styles in trendy colors. Each piece in our collection is hand-picked and of outstanding quality. Browse through our selection of matching mom and baby bathing suits to find the perfect fit for your darling baby, as well as your style!