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Do’s and Don’t’s of Wearing Matching Mommy and Me Sundresses

Sundresses are very practical and casual items of clothing, so many moms think there aren’t any fashion mistakes to make when wearing them. However, there are some definitive no-nos when it comes to wearing a sundress, especially when wearing a mommy and baby girl sun dress sets.

Check out some of the do’s and don’t’s of wearing matching mommy-daughter sundresses.


Overdoing print mixing

Matching outfits with your mini-fashionista doesn’t mean that you have to sport exactly the same dress in two different sizes. The same goes for prints – it doesn’t have to be the same print. However, make sure you don’t overdo print mixing. For example, you should definitely avoid combining floral and animal prints.

To be on the safe (and super stylish) side, check out Modernechild Shoppe’s selection of celebrity-favorite matching mommy-daughter dresses. You’ll love the combinations and subtle play of matching designs and prints.

Dressing like a human tent

The difference between a trendy maxi dress and an oversized dress that makes you look like you’re wearing a tent should be obvious to everyone. Beach dresses may be inherently casual and loose-fitting, but even they feature a hem or two so you don’t look like you’re wearing a super-sized cotton sack.

Choose from among Modernechild Shoppe’s sundresses from our matching “mommy and me” selection – these adorable dresses fit true to size, so you’re bound to find the one that will flatter your figure and match your style!

Moms dressed as baby girls

With so many irresistibly cute dresses for baby girls, it’s no wonder mommies wish they could wear some of them themselves. While the impulse is understandable, it’s one they simply have to resist. There are so many cute mommy and me dresses that emanate all the innocence and grace of youth, without mommies looking too girly.


Special details and accessories

A beach outing, a leisurely stroll in the park – wherever you wear the matching sundresses, you should account for matching accessories. From hats and headbands to sunglasses and bracelets, carefully picked out accessories really complement any outfit. Not to mention how adorable you and your little princess will look in matching trendy accessories.

Topping it off with a jacket

A chic black cropped piece is a must-have item for stylish moms and their fashionable daughters, especially tweens. Top off your matching striped dresses with moto jackets for a chic punk-rock look for mom and daughter.

Wearing your sundress in various occasions

It’s a common misconception that beach dresses can be worn only in casual daytime settings. Trade in your flip flops for strappy sandals and matching ballet flats for your little princess and you’ll be ready for a birthday party or any other special event. The most important thing is to pick out the outfit you and your girl feel beautiful and comfortable in, so you can let your inner beauty and grace shine through.

Modernechild Shoppe boasts a selection of matching sundresses and dress sets for mommies and their baby girls and fashion-forward tweens. Make a fashion statement and turn heads wherever you go, all the while enjoying premier fabrics and beautiful designs by renowned designers. Browse our selection today!