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Flower Girl Guide: From Lace Dresses to Duties

The flower girl is a huge part of the wedding ceremony, so picking out a gorgeous flower girl dress is an important item on any wedding planning to-do list. But just because it’s important it doesn’t mean it has to be daunting. In fact, this article will present the nitty-gritty and make all the choices as sweet as saying “I do”.

When it comes to the flower girl, there is one central task – choosing the dress. Luckily, nowadays you can choose among adorable baby girl dresses, from lace to tulle dresses and various combinations – choices are galore and stunningly beautiful. You usually don’t have to worry about accessories such as baby girl hats for the flower girls – the dress should be your primary concern.

The Flower Girl concept

The flower girl is that adorable little girl who walks before the bride down the aisle and scatters flower petals (hence the name “flower girl”) on the aisle. It’s a beautiful wedding tradition and an integral part of the wedding ceremony.

The flower girl is usually a very young little girl, so her duties are pretty simple. Her main role is symbolic – to introduce the bride to the wedding guests.

The duties of the Flower Girl

However simple, the duties of the flower girl are important to the ceremony. The flower girl typically carries a small basket filled with flower petals. As she walks down the aisle before the bride, she gracefully scatters the petals on the aisle. She walks before the bride, and after the ring bearer – a young boy of approximately the same age as the flower girl.

The Flower Girl dress

The style of the flower girl’s dress may vary depending on the wedding theme. Most often, the flower girl wears a white, ivory or pastel look-a-like bride dress. It is not uncommon for flower girls to wear lace dresses, provided the bride is wearing a lace dress, as well.

Bride-flower girl dress combination very much resembles the mommy and me dress sets in type and style. The flower girl’s dress isn’t the mini version of the wedding dress, but a complementary dress of a similar style and material.

The age of the Flower Girl

The rule of thumb is that the flower girl should be between 3 and 10 years old. However, sometimes, the flower girl is an infant baby or a toddler who hasn’t yet learned to walk. In this situation, the most important question is: how to get the baby flower girl down the aisle?

There are a couple of options. For example, if the ring bearer is old enough, he can pull a cute little wagon with the baby flower girl inside. The wagon can be decorated beautifully with flower petals and balloons. Such an adorable assembly will surely steal many smiles, not to mention look stunning!

If the baby flower girl cannot sit on her own, she can be carried by her mom (provided it’s not the bride) or one of the bridesmaids. Even if the flower girl is a toddler who can walk but doesn’t feel entirely secure walking on her own, she can have someone by her side, holding her hand and encouraging her down the aisle.

Matching mommy and flower girl dresses

Modernechild Shoppe has a celebrity-favorite selection of matching mommy-baby dresses, ranging from eyelet and tulle to lace dresses in stylish colors. If your baby girl was picked as the flower girl but needs encouragement down the aisle, dress up to match her beautiful flower girl dress. You and your little princess will be a stunning vision and a chic addition to the wedding ceremony. Check out our mommy and me dress collection today!