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Mommy & Baby Matching Bikini or One-Piece?

With summer well under way and so many adorable baby swimsuits to choose from, moms may feel a bit overwhelmed. It’s not just about choosing the best fit for your baby girl. There’s also the question of matching mommy accessories and sundresses, not to mention the first and foremost thing to decide: one-piece or bikini?

As a mom, you may know which style you prefer and feel more comfortable in. But what about your baby girl? Would she feel more comfortable in a one-piece or bikini? (We’re sure she’ll look equally adorable in both, though!). What factors to consider when making the choice? This article will provide some of the answers to these essential questions, and hopefully inform you well enough so you can make the best choice.

Protection from the sun

One thing you should always think about is your baby girl’s safety. Your darling princess has sensitive skin – particularly sensitive to the sun’s UV-rays. That’s why you should pick the swimwear and beach accessories that will guarantee maximum protection for your daughter.

As regards UV-protection, one-pieces cover more of your little girl’s skin than bikinis and therefore – provide more protection from harmful sun rays. Luckily, one-piece suits have never been more trending than now, and you get to choose from an array of colors and patterns. What’s more, you can pair up a cute baby one-piece with a matching mommy bikini for a stylish mommy-daughter beach outing!

Triangle tops vs tankinis

If you are still more in favor of two-piece baby swimsuits for your mini-fashionista, but want to ensure UV-protection, tankinis are an excellent choice. Tankinis are two-pieces just like bikinis, but they expose a tiny bit of the belly.

So, if you prefer two-piece baby swimsuits but are not sure about triangle-top bikinis, a tankini is a great option. Besides, if your baby girl needs to go potty, a tankini is more convenient than a one-piece.

Diaper changes

There is little doubt that a two-piece is more practical for diaper changes. If your precious baby girl is still in diapers, think about how much time you plan on spending on the beach or at the pool. Will you have to change her while at the beach or pool? If the answer is yes, you definitely want to make the diaper change as convenient as possible. As two-pieces, bikinis and tankinis offer more flexibility.

Baby bikini vs. adult bikini

Some moms are adamant about one-pieces because they fear baby bikinis are simply mimicking adult bikinis. While that may have been true in the past, nowadays there are so many adorable bikinis for little girls that are designed differently from adult bikinis. They are childlike with lots of beautiful colors and patterns, frills, prints and polka dots. They do not try to be flattering to the figure like adult bikinis do. Instead, they are playful and innocent, just like our little baby princesses.

Matching mommy bikinis

For fashion-forward mothers and their mini-fashionistas, going to the beach is another great opportunity to show off their unique style. A combination of baby one-piece swimsuits and matching mommy bikinis is very much in vogue. Modernechild Shoppe offers a stunning selection of matching mommy and daughter swimsuits that both moms and their baby girls love. Check them out and find a très chic beach outfit for you and your adorable daughter!