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Mommy & Me Dress Sets: Cutest Trends

Fashion-forward moms everywhere rejoice! The latest trend in “mommy and me” fashion is matching dresses and dress sets for mommies and their stylish little girls! From print and skirt combos and striped dress sets to lace and floral dresses for both mommy and baby girl, styles are galore.

Here are some of the most popular matching mommy and me styles.

Floral summer

Floral print dresses rarely go out of style, especially when it comes to summer-friendly outfits. Your precious little princess is bound to look adorable in a floral dress, no matter the design. All the more reason to match up your outfit and don an attractive floral dress yourself. Some mommy-daughter fun time is guaranteed, posing for the camera in Instagram-worthy floral dress sets. 


Stripes go well with so many different dress styles; from shirtdresses to maxi and casual dresses, stripes look smart and elegant. For an edgy punk look, you can combine a black-and-white striped dress with a black moto jacket. Let your mini-fashionista show off her unique chic vibe, the rocker way.

These outfit sets are great for a casual walk downtown for some mother-daughter shopping time.

Print and skirt

Print baby girl dresses pair up so stylishly with a matching mommy printed top and unicolor skirt. It simply doesn’t get much trendier than that! As for color, black-and-white are the smartest choice for striped dress sets and tops, whereas you can choose the skirt and accessories in more vivid colors to top off the look.

Teach your little girl that being stylish is the opposite of going over the top. Less is more, and this is exactly what the print-and-skirt combo is all about!

Frock style

Pretty ballerina dresses not only look adorable on any little girl but also give their mommies flexibility in matching her outfit. Mommy can choose a similar frock-style dress or go for a more minimalist dress or a top-skirt combo in the same color. Pastel colors are by far the most flattering option, as they never look over the top even when combined with floral accents.

Boho maxi dresses

Boho style maxi dresses are in vogue and very practical. As they are not tight-fitting, they flatter different body shapes. Since they are both convenient and chic, they are often the first option for mommy and me outfits, regardless of the occasion. It may be a casual family gathering or a birthday party, it doesn’t matter. Boho dresses come in a palette of colors to choose from so you can go for softer colors for an elegant appeal or bolder ones for a more casual look for you and your darling daughter.

Matching baby girl dress and mommy romper

Modern mommies simply love matching rompers with their baby girls’ dresses, especially for beach outfits. These dress sets are stylish and extremely practical. You can enjoy water-filled activities with your little princess and still look stunning in beach photos.

Check out our collection of “mommy and me” dresses and matching rompers and accessories for fashionable moms and their daughters, and find picture-perfect outfits!