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Why It Is Important to Help Your Little Girl Develop Her Unique Style

We all want the best for our children, and among other things we wish them to be happy and feel good about themselves. There are many ways we can help them on their journey of self-discovery and happiness, and fashion is one of those ways. Helping your little girls choose unique clothing can help them grow strong and confident about their self-image. You can start as early as you like – from choosing baby swimwear to fancy flower girl dresses. Everything counts, and here’s why looking good will help your baby girls feel good.

The power and control

Your girls may not be aware just how much our choice of clothing reveals about us. It’s not just our clothes, but also our grooming choices. We can control what we will highlight about us and what we will hide. After all, we have to get dressed and do some grooming. If that is so, why not use the opportunity to show our best selves, or to pick key pieces of information that we want to give off in a certain context (school, church, going to the cinema, etc.)? Unique fashion choices and clothing give us that power when it comes to our appearance.


Others (mommies excluded) can’t love us before we love ourselves. The same goes for respect. You can teach your baby girls now that it’s important the others perceive that we care of how we appear to others. Not only do careful and unique choices of clothing show we respect ourselves, but these choices also show respect for the people around us.


One day your little girls will grow up and face the challenges and stress the adult world brings. They may feel stressed and tempted to neglect themselves while focusing on negative things. This can turn into a vicious circle of feeling bad, looking bad, feeling bad about looking bad, etc. This vicious circle can also affect their relationships and food choices negatively. But, it is possible to start early and teach your girls how to use their unique body figure and their original fashion sense to look good, so they don’t fall prey to the vicious circle in the future. Positive feedback about their looks will reinforce the message that they can control how they feel about themselves. And that’s a coveted life skill. 

Positive body image

There will also come a time when your baby girls will scrutinize their bodies for flaws. Before they reach the sensitive and self-conscious teenage years, you can show them how they can build their own style while working with their unique body features. If they make clothing choices that work with their bodies and not against them, they will see how beautiful they are just as they are.

Modernechild Shoppe offers you unique clothing for little fashionistas

Modernechild Shoppe would like every little girl to feel beautiful. We are passionate about scouting the market to find the perfect fashion pieces for your mini maven – high quality, comfortable clothing of superior craftsmanship and unique design. And we make sure those gorgeous pieces come at affordable prices. We invite you to browse our collection today!