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Mommy and Me Fashion Tips: How to Dress Your Mini for a Special Occasion

It’s time to dress your mini-me for a special occasion and you still have no idea where to begin. A boutique offering stylish mommy and me matching clothing sets for you and your little one could be a good starting point. There’s nothing more adorable than twinning with your darling girl on special occasions. Your baby girl will look adorable and fashionable, just like her mommie and the matching outfits will capture that unique, unspoken mother-daughter bond the two of you share.

With these tips, you and your doll will be ready for a special occasion and photo-ops in no time. Your little princess will be the belle of the ball and your stunning mirror looks will turn heads, get compliments and win smiles.

Consider the age of your mini-me

Before you buy your special occasion outfits, you should consider your child’s age. If you’ve got a toddler bursting with energy, choose a shorter dress to make sure that your darling girl doesn’t trip on her clothes while exploring the world around her.

On the other hand, a newborn will be gorgeous in a long gown with a charming headband that will bring a sparkle to her look. If your little ballerina is older, you can go for any type of dress and mommie and me matching outfits that fit the occasion.

Look for outfits of excellent quality

When dressing up your missy for special occasions, make sure that the piece you decide to buy will stand the test of time. You may want to pass it down to your other children. The outfits should be made of long-lasting and quality fabrics and trims to keep them consistent over the years.

Make sure your mommy and me set is comfortable to wear

Comfort is key. Teach your munchkin that you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for style. Your doll should feel cool and comfortable in the clothes you pick for her. Look for soft and breathable materials that are gentle to the skin.

Your toddler would want a dress in which she can easily run around, feeling free as a bird, so choose wisely what and where you buy. Clothes made of fabrics that provide ultimate comfort will go a long way in making your cutie feel that way.

No matter how cute your matching outfits may be, if the mommy and me set isn’t comfortable for your little princess as well, she won’t hesitate to complain about it.

If you’ve got a newborn, be sure to choose the outfit that is also practical – easy to put on and take off. You probably won’t have much spare time so it’s best to be prepared for nappy changes or any accidents that may occur.

Think about the setting

If the special occasion is an outdoor event, your toddler may need a sweater and/or a pair of socks during cooler weather. Think about how a coat or a cardigan would complement the clothes and if it would look good in a picture, while keeping your precious little one warm and cozy. Both practical and fashionable, elegant mommie and me matching hats could add flair to your outfits.

Buy your mommie and me special occasion outfits at the right time

Keep in mind that kids, especially toddlers, grow out of their clothes so fast, sometimes even faster than you can buy them. Don’t buy an outfit for your precious little one too far ahead so that you don’t end up with something that doesn’t fit your princess.

This, of course, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t plan well in advance. If you have been wondering where you can buy your mommie and me special occasion outfits, ModerneChild Shoppe is your one-stop shop! Browse our selection of fashionable and superbly made mommy and me clothing and accessories to embrace the trend!

Your top pick could be breathtakingly elegant and eye-catching matching dresses or perhaps a cute outfit for toddlers with a corresponding outfit for moms that feature a glamorous chic top and a sophisticated skirt, trendy pants or leggings. It’s time that you and your mini get all dolled up for your special occasion!